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Dear Nanny and staff,

I want you to know that my daughter went on a fieldtrip with her scout troop to your kitchen and learned to make Taco salad. Since then she has discovered she has a "talent" for cooking and has made dinner almost once a week. We want to thank you for inspiring her. You have given her the confidence to try new things in the kitchen. We are so impressed since before this trip she had no interest in helping me or cooking of any sort. This note is long overdue -- THANK YOU!

Sarah Lewis


Dear Marlene,
Thank you so much for putting up with the wild "Woods" group. I think is
was quite apparent we all needed a girls night out! I will stop by with
cookbooks soon.
Many Thanks!
Suzanne Hester

Thanks for showing us girls such a fun time on our much needed "Ladies Night Out"!

The appetizers were yummy and the pumpkin bars to die for!

I'm sure we will be back!

Mary, Bonnie, Kelley, Lynn, Michelle, Judy, and Sue

Hi Marlene!
I hope that you had a nice holiday season. I just wanted to personally
thank you for organizing such a great dinner event for our Leadership
Development Conference in December!

Everyone had a great time (even the men!!)-they loved the atmosphere,
food, you and the chance to get to know their co-workers better!

We will definitely do it again!
Thank You! Jennifer Schanne
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Dear Marlene,
The girls had a wonderful time making Gingerbread Boys at Nanny's Kitchen.

You were a natural with them. When can I sign you up to be a Girl Scout Leader?

You have a marvelous business going there. I'll stop by to see you again soon!


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